Make your own timing belts, in any size you need, from neoprene open ended timing belt stock with our timing belt splicing system.

Make your own kevlar reinforced timing belts from open ended neoprene timing belt stock with the MYO Belts timing belt splicing kit. The kit uses a super thin Kevlar laminate and a molecular bonding structural adhesive to make very strong and durable splices in standard uncoated neoprene open ended timing belts. Now, for the first time, hobbyists, makers, tinkerers and mechanics can make timing belts in any size they need, at any time they need them in just a few minutes. As far as we know, this is the only consumer grade timing belt splicing system on the market.


A while ago, I was working on a prototype machine that required timing belts. I ordered the belts, then I had to relocate the pulleys in the prototype, which required reordering longer belts. Then I ordered the wrong size and... I got frustrated, and I decided I'd make my own belts.

I searched the web for a kit that would allow me to make belts in any size I needed. I couldn't find anything on the market. So, being an inventor, I developed my own timing belt splicing system. It took a while, but I'm happy with the results. It works perfectly for my applications. I love it, and you will, too.


Our standard splicing kit contains a cutting and splicing jig, Machined from HDPE, to hold the belt in perfect alignment while the splice is made. The jig contains alignment slots for 5mm, 6mm, 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" wide belts. It is made for GT2, MXL, XL and L belt stock. We include a couple of blades to make the proper square cut on the ends of the belt, and to cut a strip of the Kevlar laminate in the correct size.  A diamond coated rasp allows you to roughen and scour the adhering surfaces of the belt, and rubber clamps hold the belt in position to assure proper alignment. We give you enough Kevlar laminate for 24 splices of 1/4" belt, some tweezers for placing the Kevlar, press stamps to clamp and mold the splice, and a tube of our Molecular SCA adhesive. We also include some timing belt to practice on. We give you everything you need to make exactly the belt you need.


There's nothing like our 3 layer super thin Kevlar Laminate. Developing it was a real challenge. We lay it up by hand, here in our shop, and laser cut it to assure its quality. Our structural instant adhesive forms a bond on the molecular level between the polymers of the Kevlar laminate and the neoprene belt.  The molecular bonds in our splicing system are much stronger and more durable than glue joints. If you follow the prescribed splicing procedure, your belt will easily withstand the normal wear and tear of everyday usage without breaking.  Is the splice as strong as the rest of the belt? It can be on GT2, MXL and XL belts when done properly and after a 72 hour cure.  A 3/8" XL belt has a strength of up to 250 lb. in our testing. Belts may be used immediately, but strength increases up to 50% after 72 hours.


You can order our standard splicing kit right here for $29.95 using your credit card or PayPal account. Shipping is free in the USA, and 1st Class Mail usually gets it to you in 2 or 3 days. Our stuff is manufactured right here in our little shop in southern Illinois. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, for any reason, just return the kit to us for a full refund within 30 days.


The Fine Print: Be aware that some neoprene belts are coated with nylon or other friction reducing polymers on the backside, and won't work with our system. The teeth can be nylon coated, but not the back. Just use the cheapest neoprene belts you can find. We like the prices on RobotDigg. For liability reasons, our splicing system is for hobby use only. It may only be used temporarily in emergency industrial applications where personal safety and machine damage are not an issue. MYO Belts will assume no liability in the failure of splices in critical applications. When done properly, splices are very reliable, but not everybody will do it properly every time. Patent Pending

Standard Splicing Kit    COMING SOON


Extra Kevlar Laminate

one foot length $14.95

3/8" XL belt after a 72 hour cure. The belt broke at 250 lbs. The splice was stronger than the belt.


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